University of Bremen

University of Bremen

The Arbeitsbereich Interkulturelle Bildung (Unit for Intercultural Education) at the University of Bremen is a multidisciplinary team involved in a broad range of research and teaching relevant for intercultural education and cohesion in a society experiencing immigration. The the University of Bremen belongs to the top league universities in Germany, and was awarded the title and benefits of a ‘University of excellence’ in June 2012.


Dr Dita Vogel

Dita Vogel is senior researcher at the Unit for Intercultural Education, University of Bremen. Her research interests include irregularities in migration processes and labour markets and how they are addressed by state policies and practices, estimating the size of hidden populations and phenomena, and intercultural education. Her work on DemandAt project focusses on the concept of demand, particularly from an economic point of view, and on campaigns addressing demand. 


Dr Norbert Cyrus

Dr. Norbert Cyrus is research fellow at working unit intercultural education, University Bremen. His research interests include the analysis of political and societal responses to irregular migration with a focus on (the interaction of) social and control policies. He contributes to the DemandAT project with a genealogical analysis of the evolvement and use of demand arguments in anti-trafficking discourses and the evaluation of demand-focussed campaigns against trafficking in persons.