November 2015

DemandAT researchers met for the third regular project workshop in Florence. The meeting was preceded by a public workshop on THB in domestic work  and involved a public presentation by UN Special Rapporteur on Trafficking in Persons.


September 2015 

Marie SegraveRebecca Napier-MooreNicola Piper

Editor and Editorial Board Members of Anti-Trafficking Review

Over the last fifteen years the parameters of anti-trafficking discourse and efforts have shifted considerably. This has been a gradual transformation, and now increasingly human trafficking is often used interchangeably with slavery and forced labour - a shift away from the early 1990s when it was almost exclusively associated with sexual exploitation.

July 2015

Giji Gya

Head of Asylum, Migration and Counter Trafficking Programme, DCAF

Increasing population and human development have always led to societal shifts in economics and power. Jared Diamond’s book Guns, Germs and Steel, gives an interesting insight into the human race and the fates of the human societies that we create. The main themes of the book – power and technology – can be elaborated to understand human trafficking, if we see power as money and technology as the increasing use of mobile phones, social media and the internet.

Norbert Cyrus

University of Bremen

4th June 2015

Fifteen years ago, the United Nations adopted the UN Trafficking Protocol. Has this legal instrument advanced the global movement against exploitation? A consideration of fifteen years of debate suggests that ongoing controversies about the merits and shortcomings of the UN Trafficking Protocol have also spurred awareness of and attention given to the issue of the exploitation of human beings, as the case of the current law-making in Germany indicates.