30 June 2015

Increasing international labour mobility brings risks as well as opportunities. To help prevent abusive and fraudulent recruitment of workers across borders. The ILO and UNODC have joined together in a call for action that asks governments and other concerned stakeholders to consider taking the following actions:

19 May 2015

This theoretical paper is published by the EU Crime Prevention Network Secretariat in connection with the theme of the Italian Presidency which was Trafficking in Human Beings. Trafficking in Human Beings is a phenomenon which covers a very wide scope of criminal activities. This theoretical paper is thus written as an overview to increase the understanding of Trafficking in Human Beings.

2 April 2015

Anti-Slavery's Europe Programme and Advocacy Co-ordinator Klara Skrivankova analyses the Modern Slavery Act

The final version of the Bill which is now the Modern Slavery Act leaves us with mixed feelings. On one hand it is a big step in the right direction with many good clauses but on the other there are still deficiencies that leave us – and victims of modern slavery – wholly unsatisfied.

By Izza Leghtas and Kate Roberts

16 March 2015

In 2012 the UK government made it illegal for migrant domestic workers to change employers. Parliament has the chance to restore that right this week—it must do so.This week, British MPs face a simple choice. They must decide if it is right that a woman who flees abuse should become an undocumented migrant just because she runs away.