Should Prostitution be a Crime?

Should Prostitution be a Crime?

23 May 2016

Should Prostitution be a Crime? asks a recent New York Times article

Emily Bazelon's article in the New York Times this month provides the lay reader with a well-informed tour of the conundrums facing policy-makers and feminists regarding the selling of sex.

Refreshingly the article goes beyond the usual arguments on the pros and cons of the 'nordic model' to provide both a short history of the development of these arguments and a much wider frame of reference than we are usually offered.   The discussion draws on examples ranging from the USA, the Netherlands, the Antipodes and India (a country with some of the largest sex worker collectives in the world).  As well as asking whats good for women and what rightly constitutes a femists response to selling sex the article touches on some of the factors that can radically alter the context and outcomes.  For instance: are brothels a good idea to keep women safe or do they end up functioning as a means of controlling women? Well worth a read