FRA launches report on Severe Labour Exploitation in the EU

FRA launches report on Severe Labour Exploitation in the EU

19 June 2015

On 2nd June the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights launched the report of its project on severe labour exploitation. The project looks at criminal exploitation of the workers moving within or to the European Union. It has collected information on the nature of and responses to severe forms of labour exploitation from 21 Member States across the EU.


The objectives of the project were to support EU institutions and Member States in countering severe labour exploitation by: identifying factors that put workers at risk of severe labour exploitation; analysing the institutional setting in place and means of countering serious risks of labour exploitation in terms of prevention, monitoring and grantingvictims access to justice. The research included over 600 expert interviews and made the following main conclusions:

  1. Strengthen the criminal law framework protecting the rights of workers to fair and just working conditions
  2. Improve workplace inspections, enhance cooperation
  3. Empower victims, encourage victims to report
  4. Create a climate of zero tolerance of severe labour exploitation in all economic sectors
  5. Inform consumers - branding of products

Slides summarising the research and its findings can be accessed here


The text of this news item has been largely taken from the FRA website.