EUCPN Theoretical Paper on Trafficking in Human Beings

EUCPN Theoretical Paper on Trafficking in Human Beings

19 May 2015

This theoretical paper is published by the EU Crime Prevention Network Secretariat in connection with the theme of the Italian Presidency which was Trafficking in Human Beings. Trafficking in Human Beings is a phenomenon which covers a very wide scope of criminal activities. This theoretical paper is thus written as an overview to increase the understanding of Trafficking in Human Beings.

This paper has attention for the victims and traffickers and gives an overview of the different forms of Trafficking in Human Beings. Moreover attention also goes to the economics of the phenomenon.

This theoretical paper will serve as base for a manual about THB in which we will look at the difficulties and attempts to prevent THB, at the main international weapons and what the international agencies already do against the phenomenon. Through these actions we hope to raise awareness concerning THB, to exchange good practices and hopefully to propose general guidelines for THB policy. - See more at:

This notice was originally published on the Eucpn website 27/02/2015