CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue: Journal of Human Trafficking

CALL FOR PAPERS: Special Issue: Journal of Human Trafficking

Traffickers and Slaveholders: Human Rights Violators in Comparative Perspective

Guest Editor: Austin Choi Fitzpatrick

Deadline: April 3rd 2015


Over the past decade, a fourth abolitionist movement for the eradication of human trafficking and slavery has swept the globe. Scholars, donors and advocates have emphasized that slavery is the control of one person over another, through various means, for the purpose of economic exploitation. Most attention in this process has focused on victims and survivors. Less attention has been paid to those wielding control: the traffickers, slaveholders and middlemen involved in the procurement and exploitation that constitutes slavery and trafficking. Who are the perpetrators? Are they primarily men or women or corporations? Do they think of themselves as perpetrators or as something else? Should this self perception impact policy and rights interventions?


We welcome original theoretical and empirical contributions on slaveholders and traffickers that address this gap in our knowledge.


More information on the call for papers is available here