Be A Hero Campaign

Be A Hero Campaign

Picture of the Frauenheld Campaign, Bremen

New Campaign Encouraging Clients to Report Forced Prostitution

This month the German city of Bremen launches a campaign against trafficking in human beings and for fair and respectful dealings in sexual services. The aim is to encourage clients to report signs of forced prostitution anonymously, as well as sensitizing the general public by raising awareness of the issue. Campaigners are distributing information on beer mats, condoms, postcards and matchboxes, particularly in pubs.

The campaign's chosen motto is “Frauenheld” - the direct translation is "women’s hero", but the term is commonly used with the sense of being a "ladies man." Potential clients and others are addressed with the campaign call: “Get involved, be a hero! Prostitution yes! Coercion no! In case of suspicion: Call! [the campaign hotline number].  The campaign uses images of Zorro a fictional character who wears a black mask and cape to fight for justice and help victims anonymously. It picks up ideas and materials of a 2006 campaign conducted by a southern German protestant welfare organisation. This client-focused campaign is funded and supported by a broad cooperation of local associations, including the advice centre against human trafficking, several Christian organisations and the government of the city.

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Dita Vogel, 21/06/2014